Hospitals make it tougher to get high-quality inpatient mental health treatment

Hospital policies make it tougher to get high-quality inpatient mental health Like many Americans, I have a family member with a major mental illness who sometimes needs inpatient hospital care. Because I have been a healthcare researcher and journalist for 25 years, I’m particularly well prepared to help him navigate the system and get him […]

Today’s healthcare quality data doesn’t help patients

What if a surgeon had complications or deaths in five out of the ten times she operated? Sounds like she’s a dangerous hack, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not. “What if that surgeon only saw the sickest patients, and the five that did well would be dead or dying without her skills?” I asked her. “Wouldn’t you rather see her than someone who can only handle easy cases?”

The patient as CEO of their care

Unfortunately, providers can take an assertive patient who’s fighting to engage in smart self-care and make them feel small. Cranking out sarcastic or patronizing remarks, ignoring or under-responding to a patient’s requests for information or unfairly minimizing their worries can be a gut punch to patients who want to take an appropriate level of control.